New 12 Week ONLINE Summer Course 2009

“Consuming Technologies: Food, Technologies, and Politics”
STS 2984

Is a Twinkie actually food? If a Twinkie is indeed food what does that say about what we eat? The modern history of food is deeply rooted in technological changes occurring in the past 100 years. Technology now determines much of what we eat, how we eat, and how we talk about consumption.

The foundation of this course is a historical exploration of the power and politics of food and food technologies. Food provides us with a particularly valuable lens for examining our relationship with technology, expertise, industry, and scientific discovery.

Topics covered in course include:  Animal Domestication, Monocultures, Factory Farms, Efficiency & Nature, Colonialism, The Green Revolution/Feeding the World, GMOs, Slow Foods, and MORE!

Instructor: Grace Hood,


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