Seasonal Recipe (May Week 2)

Since eating seasonally can be a real challenge, we’ll occasionally post some tried and true recipes to help you get started…

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Courtesy of

This week at the Farmer’s Market the asparagus was still going strong and a new batch of greens had appeared, so I picked up a little bit (ok, a lot) of each. I ended up with spring greens (very familiar – no problem), kale (pretty familiar – tasty side with eggs), and chard (?). I found a fantastic recipe that uses both chard and asparagus on 101 Cookbooks. Never heard of it? Stop what you are doing and go there right now! It is full of delicious vegetarian recipes. Makes it so easy to fake being a real cook.

Anyway, 101 Cookbooks has a fabulous Aspargus Stir-Fry recipe. It has a lot of ingredients, and you can probably knock out a few of them if you’re feeling strapped for cash or just lazy. The main thing is the good fresh vegetables, sauce, and cashews. I made quinoa instead rice for the base of this dish. If you’ve not made quinoa check here for an overview and a ‘how to’. It needs to be rinsed before you cook it. Quinoa has a bitter outer coating to keep birds away, but don’t worry it’s really simple to get off. After that it’s pretty much foolproof. It’s easier to cook than rice, I think, and it saves really well. You can buy it in from the bulk bins at Eats. Have asparagus stir-fry over quinoa! Yum!


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One Response to Seasonal Recipe (May Week 2)

  1. Recipe man says:

    yum this looks so good. the colors are amazing.
    asparagus is amazing and so refreshing too.


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