Sustainable Eating during Earth Week

An event-specific post for our unofficial grand finale will come later; for now, here are several food-focused events you haven’t yet missed this Earth Week! While “sustainable food” is  a central and unifying issue for the modern environmental movement, sustainable eating encompasses much more than the sourcing of ingredients: How much meat do we eat? Do we cook most of our food or prepare it raw? Do we use reusable or disposable containers, dishes, utensils, and napkins? Must we drive to where we eat? (And there’s plenty more i don’t pay enough attention to.) These events will touch on many of these issues as well!

All week:

  • Farms & Fields:
    Owens Food Court
    Virginia Tech’s own local-and-organic eatery deserves special attention this week as an indicator of good things to come — if we want it!
  • Reusable Bottles for sale:
    April 19 – 23 at Owens Food Court
    A campus initiative years in the making, Dining Services is offering approved reusable bottles for use in all dining halls. Foreverafter your purchase, fountain water will be free and fountain soda will be discounted!

Tuesday, April 20 (Political Action and Community Involvement):

  • Learning Local Food On Campus:
    10am – 2pm at the GLC Plaza (“Fountain Plaza”)
    Several vendors of the Blacksburg Farmers Market will set up shop on campus! You’ll find produce, artisan baked goods and crafts, and even bluegrass music within an easy walk from class or the office.

Wednesday, April 21 (Food Day):

  • Local foods in the dining halls:
    The dining halls campuswide will be highlighting the local ingredients they use. Look around! Ask what’s local and what farm(s) it came from.
  • A Holistic Food System: “What do you think of when you think of food?” with Brinkley Benson
    4pm – 5pm in Squires Brush Mountain Room A
    Learn about the origins of “traditional” as well as “organic” and “local” foods. Do you know the story behind your food?
  • 101 Ways to Use the Incredible, Edible Egg: #1. The Omelet with the Sustainable Food Corps
    5:15pm – 6:15pm in 403 Wallace Hall
    Our own contribution to Food Day, put on by Kati and Stephanie! Learn how to make eggcellent breakfasts on a limited budget.
  • Sustainable Dining Q&A with Rachel Budowle:
    6:30pm – 8:00pm in the side room of Deet’s Place
    Rachel is the Sustainability Coordinator for Dining Services. She’ll field questions from students emailed in advance or asked directly in a Q&A facilitated by the EC.
  • “Food, Inc.” showing:
    9pm – 10:45pm in 113 McBryde Hall

Thursday, April 22 (Earth Day):

  • Food and Fair:
    5pm – 7:30pm in Owens Dining Hall
    An educationally and nutritionally satisfying event! A variety of locally-sourced foods will be available.

Friday, April 23 (DUMP THE PUMP with Alternative Transportation):

Sunday, April 25:

  • The Sustainable Food Corps’ Free Community Meal!
    6pm – 7:30pm at Fieldstone United Methodist Church (3385 North Franklin Street)
    We host our third (or fourth, depending on how you count) Community Meal at the wonderful community center between Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Free and open to all! Dishes will be donated by local restaurants or prepared by our cooks from ingredients donated from local farmers, bakers, and grocers.

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